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Conference rooms
For international conferences and academic meetings

With its refined and relaxed atmosphere, the auditorium is ideal for accommodating international conferences, academic meetings and various types of symposia. To support meetings on a wide range of subjects involving people from all over the world, the room is equipped with simultaneous interpretation booths and high-tech audio systems.

The auditorium is complemented by the foyer, which is an ideal space for relaxing during coffee breaks and receptions. From the foyer, a Japanese garden can be viewed through the window.
Theater Style
Theater Style
  • Space:257m²
  • Capacity:230
Classroom style
Classroom style
  • Space:257m²
  • Cpacity:150
Charge for Auditrium
Charge(Japanese YEN)




One day




Midnight 22:00-
Per 2hours
92,572YEN 154,286YEN 246,858YEN 92,572YEN 92,572YEN

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